The Chalk board Paint
and Accessory Specialists


Have you ever read a creative and delicious sounding cafe menu? Seen a funny quote on an A-frame pavement sign? Or seen a street artist turn the very street we walk on into art? How do they come up with these things.


It's the very fact of the blank canvas they write on, that inspires creatives to produce their work, and to rub out and edit where they wish to. If only all of life was as easy.


Now you can paint your life or workplace into the same creative space. Inky black or coloured chalkboard paint, modern and clean but with endless possibilities.


Unlock the creative in yourself, your workmates or your family.


How do you feel today? What do you need to remember? What can you create?


Some ideas for use:

  • cafe walls for menus

  • office brainstorm wall

  • wedding signs

  • family kitchen to-do wall

  • kids' playroom

  • kids' art table surface

  • garage door, for outdoor 'street art'

  • home office feature wall

  • classroom wall / teaching aid

  • tribute wall

  • notice wall for staff

  • shed wall, for listing home projects on the go

  • leave your kids a note or inspirational quote every day, for when they wake up or get home from school

Turn a white room into an environment that opens up collaboration, innovation and creativity, with Chalkboard Paint.


Now we don’t only sell chalkboard paint that but also: